1220*2440*3 Brushed/Mirror/Printed Aluminium Foil Aluminium Composite Panel

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1220*2440*3 Brushed/Mirror/Printed Aluminium Foil Aluminium Composite Panel

Aluminum composite panel, or ACP for short, is a new material with polished coated surface and pofyethylence plastic panel core and after series of compounded processing It's very popular in market as economy, color selectivity, easy construction method, good processability,excellent fireproofing and top quality.

Since ACP is composed by two different materials (metal and nonmetal. It keeps the main characteristics of the original material(aluminum and the polyethylene plastic), and overcomes the shortcoming of tile original materials And then to achieve more superior characteristics, such as luxury colorful decorating, weather-proof,corrosion-proof, impact resistant, fireproof damp-proof, soundproof, heat insulating, shock resistant, light, good formability, easy handling and rapid construction.All characterstics lead ACP bright in wide application


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