National Pipe Thread Waterproof Cable Gland

Cable glands are mechanical cable entry devices. They are used throughout a number of industries in conjunction with cable and wiring used in electrical instrumentation and automation systems. Cable glands may be used on all types of electrical power, control, instrumentation, data and telecommunications cables. They are used as a sealing and termination device to ensure that the characteristics of the enclosure which the cable enters can be maintained adequately. Cable glands are made of various plastics, steel, brass or aluminum. Glands intended to resist dripping water or water pressure will include synthetic rubber or other types of elastomer seals. Certain types of cable glands may also serve to prevent entry of flammable gas into equipment enclosures, for electrical equipment in hazardous areas.

Product Details

Nylon PG cable gland kind.jpg

Material: Adopting nylon PA66 which is certificated by UL. 

Weather Strip: Nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR), 

weathering resistance rubber (EPDM) 

Protection: IP68 (Rotate the part and use O ring) 

Color: Black (RAL9005), light grey: 

(RAL7035),as well as special colors that can be customized it