Epoxy Resin Current&Voltage Combined Epoxy Resin Transformer Box

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Epoxy Resin Current&Voltage Combined Epoxy Resin Transformer Box

1.General situation of the product

1)BCT terminal box is applicable to the sleeve lines of medium- and large scale transformer and mutual inductor.The product is made through pouring and pressing under high temperature and high pressure from the raw material of imported modified epoxy with scientific proportioning.

2)The product highlights on solving the adhesion between epoxy resin and conduction rod and the stripping due to different expansion coefficients.Therefore, the hidden damage of penetration leakage can be put an end.

3)Meanwhile, the selection of rational formula of modified flexibilizer can completely ensure the mechanical and physical properties and electrical specification of transformer under the running enviromnental condition.

4)The case employs the die-casting shaping of aluminum alloy,so it is the most advanced product in the country with goodly appearance and light weight. The product has obtained the national patent with the patent number of 0014071.2.

2.Service conditions

Pressure in short time


Pressure in long time


Ambient temperature


Oil temperature


Number of vibration


Amplitude of vibration



The air side shall be applied in open air indoors


The central side in the internal oil is transformer oil.


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