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Distribution Transformer Butterfly Valves Flexible Use Of Knowledge

1, see the Transformer Butterfly Valves shaft, baffle and other components can be intact, sensitive and close, replace the gasket. The 0.05Mpa hydraulic test, the baffle should be closed close, no severe leakage, shaft seal outstanding, "open", "closed" position symbol clear and correct.

2, throttle (the end of the throttle, put the throttle) should be removed differentiation repair, grinding and replacement of sealed packing, after repair should do 0.15Mpa hydraulic test should not have leakage.

3, the transformer body and accessories parts of the gas plug, put the oil plug, oil throttle and other trek all view, replace the gasket, seal should be sealed without leakage.

Talking about the Disposal Method of Transformer Oil

In order to improve the insulation strength of the transformer oil and the loss factor of the medium, the dry-type transformer oil must be disposed of before removing the moisture, gas and impurities in the oil before writing to the tank. In practice, we do not like the type of transformer oil for targeted disposal, the role is better.

1, on the water and dust and other impurities are usually contaminated by the transformer oil, you can use plate and frame pressure filter, through repeated filtering, usually can reach the demand. Its principle is to use oil filter paper to absorb moisture, filter impurities. Because of its simple layout, transfer convenience, but also widely used. Defect is the filter is not complete, the role of fine impurities removed, and the cost is relatively high, when the water is large, the oil filter paper to be frequently replaced.

2, now all over the selection of a vacuum oil purifier, it can not only completely remove the oil in the water and gas, and can be useful to remove the fine impurities. The process is: to be treated transformer oil → coarse filter → fine filter → heating oil vacuum degassing degassing → clean oil. Coarse filter selection of metal filters and strong magnets, fine filtration usually filter 1 ~ μm fine impurities. There are many varieties of fine filter, metal powder sintered material, metal microporous data, ceramic filter and the selection of special layout of the filter paper filter core and so on.

Transformer oil heating vacuum degassing degassing. The principle is to vacuum the tank, the heating of the transformer oil with a spray method to form oil mist, leaving the oil in the gas and water escape. Oil temperature is usually around 65 ℃, not too high, to avoid the oil aging. This method of dehydration degassing effect is better, is more than the current selection of the way. However, if the oil is sprayed into a very fine mist, it is easy to pump away the vacuum pump.

If the oil is sprayed with a certain diameter of the oil beads, because the oil has a high interfacial tension, making the oil within the oil and gas is not easy to play. To this end, the diameter of the spray Shantou to select the appropriate, and usually need to set the tank in the pumping port a few baffles, to avoid the transformer oil pumped away by the vacuum pump.

At present, foreign and domestic also selected a more advanced film dewatering degassing method, is to make the oil into the tank, through some of the degassing components after the composition of a very thin oil film, and has been completed by the oil film dehydration degassing process , So that the oil in the water and gas simply removed.