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Do You Know What Characteristics Of The Transformer Oil Pump You Are Using Now

With the user of the product requirements of the diversification of its product performance and supporting accessories made a variety of special requirements, if blindly by conventional design will be a waste of non-contact regulator resources and increase manufacturing costs.

If the use of independent voltage regulator coil and increase the practice of the fuel tank will cause a greater waste, so we have been compared in the design and comparison and verification, that as long as the middle of the coil Ak and the pressure between the insulation section 1 to meet the requirements, you can use 10 kV anti - parallel connection method for on - load transformer.

After the wave analysis software, the impact gradient between the coil Ak and the regulator section 1 is about 70% of the full wave voltage, that is, 140 kV is converted into the power frequency voltage of 56kV, which is equivalent to the main insulation inspection distance of the 20kV transformer. Insulation here to meet the assessment requirements, this structure can meet the product performance requirements. Transformer Oil Pump, also known as submersible pumps. Why is it called a submersible pump because its motor and its pump are completely submerged in a sealed structure filled with transformer oil, and it is directly connected to the oil system inside the transformer.

Generally suitable for low-lift, high flow, low oil resistance of the transformer chip radiator cooling system, do a variety of cooling forms of switching options: When the pump stops running, the pump is only equivalent to a low resistance of the pipeline connection Section, then the transformer can do ONAN (self-cooling) or ONAF (air-cooled) operation.

Head, flow for each specific type of transformer oil pump is generally not an alternative, losedw5 because each model pump characteristic curve only one area is the most efficient. This section of the pump work is called rated conditions. Oil pump work in this area, not only high efficiency, and low noise, power consumption is reasonable, smooth operation, no harmful eddy current impact and cavitation damage, to maintain long-term reliable operation.

Large diameter of the rotating body, the balance problem will be more prominent. Especially as a blade pump its blade mold, the consistency of the twist angle in the process of the inevitable error, non-contact regulator These low-speed, large diameter rotary pump problems will be highlighted, directly affect the operational stability, But will reduce the bearing operating life.