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Main Division Of Transformer Oil Pump

Transformer Oil Pump - is a fully sealed, internally submerged three-phase asynchronous motor running a centrifugal or axial flow vane pump, dedicated to the transmission transformer insulation oil medium fluid machinery. Centrifugal transformer oil pump for In the transformer strong oil air cooler; axial flow transformer oil pump (low head, large flow) for transformer chip radiator.

The flow rate is irreplaceable for each particular type of pump, since only one point of the characteristic curve for each model pump is the most efficient. This is called the rated working point, and the pump works in this Area, not only high efficiency, and low noise, reasonable power consumption, smooth operation, no harmful eddy current impact and cavitation damage, to maintain long-term reliable operation.

 ① ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor dedicated submersible design of ordinary transformer oil pump;

② axial air gap (disc motor) motor-driven disc transformer pump. The difference between the two structures is mainly driven by different motor, the use of functions, the installation of the same form, but because of the disk pump its unique axial magnetic tension , The operation must be timely replacement of wear and tear to prevent the rotor to cause a strong mechanical friction caused by the current foreign is still widely used in large quantities or traditional three-phase asynchronous motor designed for ordinary transformer oil pump.