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Oil Flow Relay In The Use Of What Should Pay Attention To?

Oil flow relay we are very familiar with, such as our common transformer in the application. So, oil flow relay in the use of attention to what issues? We go to understand.

1. Transformer temperature indication is normal, the temperature rise within the delineation range.

2. Radiator, respirator, oil regeneration assembly is running normally, the pressure relief valve does not move.

3. The cooler feel the temperature should be similar to the fan pump running normally, oil flow relay work properly.

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4. Cooling assembly control box and the secondary terminal cabinet door should be closed, the Department of no overheating, all the appropriate location of the handle to run the requirements.

5. Transformer interior doors and windows, ventilation, lighting and fire equipment is complete and complete, watertight, room temperature normal.

6. Gas relay oil normal, adjacent to the throttle in the open, no gas inside.

7. Department of lead connector cable, bus no overheating phenomenon, the cable without oil.

8. Casing oil level normal, complete without broken cracks, no serious oil, no flashover and other abnormal phenomena.

9. In the operation of the fan, the pump without severe vibration, no sound, overheating and does not turn the phenomenon, oil relay work is normal.

10. Transformer running sound, oil temperature, oil level and oil color normal, the Department of no oil leakage, oil spill phenomenon, the internal no noise and discharge.

Above is the oil relay in use should pay attention to solve the problem, we must remember in use, so as not to cause trouble for your work.