Forced Oil Circulation Cooling Oil Flow Relay

The oil flow relay (hereinafter referred to as the relay) is a device that displays the change of the oil flow in the forced oil circulation cooling system of the transformer.

Product Details

Forced Oil Circulation Cooling Oil Flow Relay

Product Details

forced oil circulation cooling oil flow relay2

The main structure

  The oil flow relay is mainly composed of three parts: one, the micro switch 1, the lever assembly 2, the reset scroll spring 6, the adjusting plate 7, and the pushing plate 10 constitute a signal portion; 2. The magnetic steel 5, the bearing 8, the transmission shaft 9 constitute a rotation Part 3; dial 4 and pointer 3 constitute a signal display portion. As shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1

Working Principle

   When the oil pump of the transformer cooling system is started, there is oil flow circulation. When the oil flow reaches above the operating oil flow rate, the moving plate of the impulse relay rotates to the final position, and the indicating part is synchronously rotated by the coupling action of the magnetic steel, and the pointer points to the flow position. The normally open contact closes the micro switch to signal a normal operation. When the oil flow is reduced to the return oil flow rate (or the action oil flow rate is not reached), the movable plate returns by the action of the reset scroll spring, so that the normally open contact of the micro switch is opened, and the normally closed contact closes to issue a fault signal.

forced oil circulation cooling oil flow relay

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