Intelligent Low Voltage Terminal Booster

Intelligent Low Voltage Terminal Booster

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Intelligent Low Voltage Terminal Booster

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Working Principle

  The low-voltage end booster is mainly composed of a high-performance compensation transformer, an intelligent control module and a switching device. Through the detection of the line voltage, when the intelligent control module detects that the line voltage is low, the control switch component automatically adjusts the voltage compensation module to compensate the voltage, thereby realizing the function of voltage increase and voltage regulation at the end of the line. The device can further improve the power supply quality and effectively improve the voltage pass rate.

Function Characteristic

  It has the advantages of good voltage boosting effect, high degree of automation, low power consumption, long service life, strong lightning protection, strong anti-moisture function, strong protection function, reliable operation, small size and convenient installation and maintenance. The voltage regulator raises the voltage at the end of the line, and at the same time, the reactive power compensation device is used to reduce the reactive power loss, reduce the reactive current, raise the voltage, and reduce the line loss.

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