Low Voltage Static Var Generator

Low Voltage Static Var Generator

Product Details

Low Voltage Static Var Generator

Product Overview

  The low-voltage SVG static var generator is a high-tech product that breaks through the traditional theory of capacitance and reactive power compensation. It realizes continuous, fast and two-way reactive power regulation from inductive to capacitive through high-frequency switching of high-power power electronic devices (IGBT), providing fast dynamic reactive power compensation and harmonic control for power grid or power load, which can effectively improve Grid voltage transient stability, suppress bus voltage flicker, compensate for unbalanced load, filter harmonics and improve power factor.

Product Principle


  SVG is a self-commutated bridge circuit that uses a high-power electronic device (such as IGBT) that can be turned off, and is connected in parallel to the grid through a reactor. Properly adjusting the amplitude and phase of the output voltage of the AC side of the bridge circuit, the circuit can absorb or emit the reactive current that meets the requirements, and achieve the purpose of dynamic reactive power compensation.

Technical Performance

1. The starting impact is small. The SVG part is started by self-excitation mode, the starting is fast and the inrush current is limited to a small amplitude.

2. Continuous compensation range of any combination SVG can continuously output reactive power from rated inductive working condition to rated capacitive working condition, and fixed capacitor combination constitutes continuous compensation of any range.

3, dynamic response speed SVG has a fast output reactive power within 10ms, so it has a better compensation effect for fast impact load, and has a better suppression effect on flicker.

4, excellent harmonic output characteristics SVG can output a reactive current similar to a sine wave, can also output a set number of harmonic current.

5, small footprint SVG is based on the inverter composed of semiconductor power devices as the core, using DC capacitors for energy storage, especially suitable for occasions with high floor space requirements. The SVG series can be made into a mobile device.

6. High efficiency SVG uses a new low-loss IGBT power device with a device efficiency of over 99%.

7. Compensation capacity The SVG output current does not depend on the system voltage. It is characterized by a constant current source. It can still output rated reactive current when the system voltage drops to 20%, and has a wider operating range. SVG is used together with the passive filter compensation device (FC). Through the integrated control of the fixed capacitor bank, the compensation range of the system and load can be better met.

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