ERG Transformer Butterfly Valve/Whatsapp:8613626615457

1.Model: BDB-150/80 2.Material: Cast Iron 3.Brand: ERG 4.Thickness: 32.5mm 5.Nominal Pressure: 150Kpa

Product Details

 ERG Transformer butterfly valve/Whatsapp:8613626615457


   This series of products belong to our company's patent product,with unique cover strucure and direct viewing showing the status of the current butterfly valves without removing the valve cover, thus making it easier and more convenient to maintain and repair the valve. In addition, this series of products also have a lockable function, which can effectively prevent the butterfly valve malfunction during the operation process of the transformer, ensuring the normal running of butterfly valve on the transformer.

   We also have Vacuum eccentric butterfly valve. Vacuum eccentric butterfly valve is mounted in pipe path between oil-immersed transformer and detachable radiator and cooler or conservator. It is used for opening and closing oil path and being vacuum of transformer. Vacuum butterfly valve plate is fixed at valve pole. Turning valve pole with a spanner, valve plate can turn over 90° in valve housing to open and close valve plate. So open and close valve the oil path. Fixed block and fixed pin fitted on top of valve, valve plate allocated with valve housing by rubber ring. So sealing performance of vacuum butterfly valve is good, opening and closing is convenient, and fixed position accurate.


1. Specifications of ERG Transformer butterfly valve


2.Model Directions of ERG Transformer butterfly valve

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3.Structure Diagram of ERG Transformer butterfly valve


4. Parameters of ERG Transformer butterfly valve



5.Our Factory of ERG Transformer butterfly valve

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6. Installation and operation of ERG Transformer butterfly valve

1) On side of vacuum butterfly valve with plate but not with shift axle joints with side side top of transformer.
2) Using butterfly valve, first open valve cover, then turn valve pole with a spanner to cause valve plate to rotate.
fixed block on valve pole limits each other with fixed pin on valve housing. Rotated angle is 90°.
When opening and closing butterfly valve, pls turn valve pole to the limited position , then fit valve cover.
For having limited slot on valve cover, it can lock plate position.

7. Packing and Delivery of ERG Transformer butterfly valve

Packaging Details: Standard Packing Or Seaworthy Packing.

Delivery Detail: 10 Days After Receiving Advance Payment.

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