Dn80 Seal Ring Transformer Butterfly Valve

Dn80 Seal Ring Transformer Butterfly Valve
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Product Details

Dn80 Seal Ring Transformer Butterfly Valve

Principal features 

The raw materiad of BD series butterfly valve is steel and aluminum. The aluminum butterfly valve employs O-shaped ring sealing and the steel butterfly valve employs mechanic sealing structure design.

The locking cover at the series butterfly valve has three structural modes of different strong points respectively. Refer to the detailed structural modes.

Main indexes 

Temperature of operating temperature is -30℃ ~ 40℃.

Operating temperature is -30℃ ~ 120℃.

Sealing fanction: 0.5Mpa.30S.Soft seal,there is no leakage hard seal, the leakage amount is in the fixed range


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