High-Power Wind Turbine Generator Cooler

High-power wind turbine generator cooler

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High-Power Wind Turbine Generator Cooler

Product Overview

  Air coolers on wind turbines, especially high power wind turbine generator coolers. The backpack is installed between the cooler and the wind power generator, and the whole cooler is buckled above the wind power generator. It includes an external air duct fan, a fume hood, a tube plate, a heat exchange tube, a wind collector, an outlet, and an inlet. At the tuyere, the fume hood has a cover plate with a molded disc-shaped motor mount, and an inner air duct fan composed of a centrifugal fan and a motor is mounted on the cover plate, and the cover plate and the fume hood are mounted by push-insertion, and the recessed The disc motor mount reduces the overall height of the wind turbine generator cooler after the motor is installed, facilitating the movement of the cooler in the nacelle.

Product Structure

Wind turbine cooler11


Wind turbine cooler22


Wind turbine cooler33


Figure 1 is a schematic view of the structure of the cooler;

Figure 2 is a top plan view of the cover plate and the fan of Figure 1;

Figure 3 is a schematic view showing the arrangement of the heat exchange tubes in an M-shaped arrangement on the tube sheets.

In the figure, 1 is the external wind road fan, 2 is the air inlet, 3 is the fume hood, 4 is the baffle, 5 is the cover, 6 is the collector, 7 is the centrifugal fan impeller, 8 is the motor, 9 is the heat exchange tube 10 is the tube plate, 11 is the air outlet, and 12 is the volute.

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