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Air Coolers for Wind Turbine Generator System


Wind power as a kind of clean renewable energy, more and more get the attention of the countries all over the world.With the localization of wind power and scale in our country, the wind energy development very quickly, after Europe and the United States and India to become the world's one of the main market of wind power.


Zhejiang ERG electric cooler company to adapt to China's energy development strategy, on the basis of their own design and manufacture of air-cooled, water-cooled heat exchange equipment technology and services for many years the advantage of the power industry, wind power at home and abroad with advanced air cooling heat transfer technology, developed a series of KKL wind turbine with empty, empty cooler.


KKL series air cooler with high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy materials as heat transfer element, optimize the cooling pipe cluster pattern design, and configure the Germany Rosenberg or Ziehl - Abegg high-quality exterior rotor fan forced ventilation, to provide a reliable cooling wind turbine.


 Products with beautiful shape, compact structure, high cooling efficiency, low consumption, long working life, use convenient maintenance.


2MW wind turbine with air cooler


  Product overview

KKL1-90 type empty-air cooler, it is according to our country's development of new energy development strategy adapted to the 2 MW wind turbine cooling equipment.


 Working principle

Generator under the action of the internal heat on both ends of the rotor blades, and air cooler body form two separate air loop.Stream of cooling pipe from the horizontal bunch of outer surface and transfer heat to the cooling wall;Cooling pipe inside, in the case of forced ventilation fan, cold air will be passed to the wall inner surface of heat away quickly;Cooling pipe bunch of lateral and cooled air to flow to the motor in the body.Through the cold and hot medium not contact with heat exchange process, guarantee the normal work of the generator under the license of temperature.


The working conditions
Ambient temperature - 40 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃;

Height: 1000 m below;

Salt sea air;

Pollution levels: level 3;

28 ℃ maximum relative humidity: 0 ~ 85%.


Technical parameters
(1) under the rated conditions, total pressure fan: 890 pa, the wind flow: 13000-15500 m3 / h, noise: 85 db or less;When the generator speed 1660 RPM, internal ventilation rate is 9000 ~ 11000 m3 / h.Air cooler in thermal capacity of 90 kw or more;
(2) under the rules of using the environment, air cooler design life is more than 20 years;
(3) fence meet IP2X fan ventilation;Fan design tear open outfit is convenient, removable parts weigh no more than 80 kg;
(4) the air cooler no more than the total weight 1450 kg.




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