Transformer Oil Cooler

ERG transformer oil cooler is mainly used in transformer (AC/DC) cooling equipment with the characteriastics of leakage resistance,high effciency.compactness,low noise,energy saving,convenient installation,sna so on.

Product Details

transformer oil cooler

  ERG transformer oil cooler  is used to cool power transformers by means of forced air and oil flow. The oil in the cooler is circulated using a pump (can be ordered separately).

  Hot oil from the transformer is pumped into the tube bundles within the cooler where it is then cooled down by air provided by one or more fans. The fans can be either forced draft or induced draft, depending on whether the cooler is mounted directly to the transformer or remotely.

  The cooler is designed to withstand vibrations, shocks, seismic forces and thermal movements.

Model Directions

oil air cooler_副本

Technical parameters

oil air cooler_副本1

oil air cooler_副本2

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