Tubular Type Flue Gas Air Preheater

Tubular type flue gas air preheater

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Tubular Type Flue Gas Air Preheater

tubular type flue gas air preheater

  Tubular air preheaters have been widely used in various industrial boilers, but they are less used in petrochemical plants due to their low heat transfer efficiency, high quality and high cost. At present, ordinary light pipe air preheaters have been gradually replaced by heat pipe air preheaters, and only a few heat transfer elements with spiral heat transfer tubes, enamel steel tubes and fin tubes have enhanced heat transfer or special corrosion resistance. The resulting air preheater is still in use.

  The structure of the tubular air preheater consists of a pipe box, a connecting hood, a baffle, a wall panel and a sealing device. The pipe box is composed of an ordinary steel pipe and upper and lower pipe plates, and both ends of the pipe are welded to the upper and lower pipe plates respectively.

  The tubular preheater is arranged in the flue of the boiler tail, which has a simple structure, a large volume, a low temperature of the metal pipe wall and a small air leakage. During operation, the flue gas flows vertically from top to bottom in the tube, and the air is flushed laterally outside the tube, and the heat of the flue gas is continuously transmitted to the air through the tube wall. In order to enable the air to cross flow multiple times to achieve countercurrent heat transfer, an intermediate tube sheet can be installed in the tube box.

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