Cross-Flow Cooling Fan

Cross-flow cooling fan for dry type transformer

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Cross-Flow Cooling Fan For Dry-Type Transformer

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                 Figure3                                                                 Figure4

Figure 1 is a schematic view of the structure;

Figure 2 is a cross-sectional view of Figure 1A-A;

3 is a schematic structural view of a planar wind deflector;

Figure 4 is a schematic view showing the structure of an arc-shaped wind deflector.

In the figure, 1  single-phase or three-phase induction asynchronous motor, 2  motor mounting plate, 3  cross-flow impeller cylinder, 4  blade, 5  fan mounting plate, 6  mounting hole, 7  planar wind deflector, 8  undercut block, 9  bump, 10  curved wind deflector,  11  mounting hole on the curved wind deflector.

Product Overview

 The cross-flow cooling fan mainly comprises a single-phase or three-phase induction asynchronous motor, a cross-flow impeller tube with blades installed, an air guiding device, and a mounting plate at both ends of the fan. The fan has an inlet and an outlet, and the blade is obliquely mounted on the impeller tube. The blade is arranged at an angle to the central axis of the impeller cylinder; the mounting holes on the mounting plates at both ends of the fan are designed to meet the installation requirements of the side-blown and top-blown fans at the same time; the planar wind deflector constituting the air guiding device adopts a The profile has a side concave block and a convex block at both ends thereof, and the mounting hole on the curved air deflector can be formed by one-time stretching of the mold.

   The cross-flow cooling fan is arranged at an angle of the blade and the central axis of the impeller cylinder, so that the noise of the fan is significantly reduced, the vibration is reduced, the wind pressure is uniform, and the energy consumption is reduced. The installation holes on the mounting plates on both ends of the new fan are designed and The flat air deflector has a structure of concave and convex blocks at both ends, which can effectively reduce the number of molds, and has the advantages of cost reduction and convenient installation.

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