DBF(CFZ)Series Low Noise Cooling Fan Used In The Cooling System Of Medium-and Large-scale Transformer/Whatsapp:86 15715849585

Transformer cooling fans especially for the use of transformer cooler and radiator in large and heavy transformer. Fan blades adopt airfoil type in the material of die-casting aluminum. Compared with similar steel products, it has the characteristics of lighter weight, more stable performance,...

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DBF(CFZ)series low noise transformer cooling fan used in the cooling system of medium-and large-scale transformer/Whatsapp:86 15715849585

1.Our  fan workshop

  According to lean production layout,the fan workshop guarantees the production efficiency and quality of each production line.The workshop is divided into five production lines(air duct,impeller ,net cover,spray coating,final assembly),and at the same time,automatic coiling and welding equipment and automatic suspension chain spraying equipment are equipped which not only meet the requirements of various anti-corrosion grades and good appearances,but also guarantees the quality and delivery of product.



2.General description of the product

The terminal board DBF(CFZ) series low noise transformer cooling fan is a product of low noise and energy saving type blower fan.It is specially used in the cooling system of medium-and large-scale transformer.The product is characterized by low noise,stable performance.high efficiency,reliable operation and long service life.It is the much advanced special fan of low noise in the country.


3.symbol of special environment

wordlnary outdoor type and omitted without sign.

TH humid heat zone tyoe.

TA dry heat zone type.

4.Airing direction

Q before blow type (air flows from electric motor to impeller.)

H after blow type (air flows from impeller motor to ielectric.)

5.Structure picture


6.Technical propertise



7.Our Factory

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