Dry-Type Transformer Cooling Fan

Dry-Type Transformer Cooling Fan

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Dry-Type Transformer Cooling Fan

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Figure 1 is a schematic view of the structure;

Figure 2 is a cross-sectional view of Figure 1A-A;

3 is a schematic structural view of a planar wind deflector;

Figure 4 is a schematic view showing the structure of an arc-shaped wind deflector.

In the figure, 1  single-phase or three-phase induction asynchronous motor, 2  motor mounting plate, 3  cross-flow impeller cylinder, 4  blade, 5  fan mounting plate, 6  mounting hole, 7  planar wind deflector, 8  undercut block, 9  bump, 10  curved wind deflector,  11  mounting hole on the curved wind deflector.

   As shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. 2, the product includes a single-phase or three-phase induction asynchronous motor, a cross-flow impeller tube 3 equipped with a blade, a planar air deflector 7 and an arc deflector 10, and an air guiding device. The mounting plates 2 and 5 at both ends of the fan have inlet and outlet ports on the fan, and the asynchronous motor 1 drives the cross-flow impeller tube 3 to rotate synchronously. One end of the cross-flow impeller tube 3 is connected to the motor 1 and the other end is connected to the bearing on the fan mounting plate 5. The cooling air generated by the rotation of the cross-flow impeller cylinder 3 passes through the air guiding device and is sent out through the air outlet. As shown in Fig. 1, the blade 4 is obliquely mounted on the impeller tube, and the blade is arranged at an angle of 1-2° with the central axis of the impeller cylinder; since the fan outlet has a side-blown type and a top-blown type, the fan 2 in the product The end mounting plate is formed by one-time punching of the mold, and the mounting holes 6 are formed in the corresponding mounting portions of the side blowing type and the top blowing type, so that the side blowing type and the top blowing type are common. The planar air deflector 7 shown in FIG. 3 adopts a profile, and one end concave block 8 and a bump 9 are respectively disposed at two ends thereof, and can be inserted into each other; the curved air deflector as shown in FIG. 10 also adopts one side concave block and convex block at both ends, and the two two are inserted into each other, and the mounting hole 11 on the same is formed by one-time stretching of the mold, and it is convenient to use without drilling with a drill press.

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