Locomotive Transformer Oil-Flow Relay

Locomotive Transformer Oil-Flow Relay

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Locomotive Transformer Oil-Flow Relay5    


   The main transformer of the locomotive mainly relies on the transformer oil as the coolant. The heat generated during the operation of the transformer causes the oil close to the iron core and the winding to be heated and expanded. Through the convection of the oil, the heat is exchanged with the air through the heat exchanger of the cooling tower, and is cooled. After the oil enters the main transformer through the oil pump, the main transformer is cooled.The oil flow relay is directly connected to the cooling tower and oil pump of the transformer. Its main function is to monitor the working condition of the transformer oil.

 Use Conditions


Model Direction


Note:oil flow direction:Horizontally from right to left is Y,Horizontally from left to right is Z,vertically from bottom to top is X,and S is from top to bottom vertically.

Shape and installation Dimension


General Specifications


Note:please specify the length of L1 when orderingļ¼›Special sizes can be customized.

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