Oil-Filled Sleeve Of Capacitor

Oil-Filled Sleeve Of Capacitor

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Oil-Filled Sleeve Of Capacitor 

 The capacitor sleeve is composed of two layers inside and outside. The outer layer is made of modified epoxy resin, modified polymeric carboxylic anhydride, and silicon micropowder as the main raw materials, with auxiliary materials. After APG process, it is die-cast and solidified together with the inner copper conductive rod. The copper conductive rod has an internally threaded hole at both ends, the sleeve has a mounting flange, and the flange has a mounting hole.

 The capacitor bush made of the above materials has high mechanical strength: impact strength of 16 KJ/m2, tensile strength of 90 MPa, and bending strength of 140 MPa. Good electrical performance: Power frequency withstand voltage of 77KV, lightning impulse withstand voltage of 184KV, 30KV lower partial discharge less than 3pc, dielectric strength of 30KV/mm. Due to the flange mounting hole, it can be directly mounted on the case by bolts. In addition, since the conductive rod is die-cast integrally with the sleeve, the inner and outer leads of the capacitor can be directly fixed in the internally threaded holes at both ends by bolts. Solid, simple and convenient. The copper conductive rod is integral with the casing, so there is no end leakage problem.


Figure 1

Figure 1 is a schematic view of the structure of the present invention.

In the figure, 1 is a capacitor bushing, 2 is a copper conductive rod, 3 is a mounting hole, and 4 is an internally threaded hole.

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