Coil Motor Transformer Oil Pump

The coil motor transformer oil pump has the advantages of simple structure, reliable performance and convenient use.

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Coil Motor Transformer Oil Pump


   Coil motor transformer oil pump is a new type electrical centrifugal oil pump used for powerful oil cooling circulation of the transformer and rectifier.     

   This series of transformer oil pump use axial air gap to indunct coil motor and is installed directly into the pump shell. The motor rotor is installed on the blade of the oil pump to form a whole of pump and motor. The axial electromagnetic power of oil pump motor can reduce the axial load shock on the blades, which can prolong the service life of the bearigs. The pump shell was made of welded steel plates with least sealig construction. Compared with traditional centrifugal oil pump, it has a characteristic of short axial length, close but reasonable construction, steak and reliable functioning, low noise, high efficiency, light weight, no seepage, long service life and convenient usage and maintenance¡­etc.

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