Electric Locomotive Converter Cooling Canned Pump

Electric locomotive converter cooling canned pump is a high temperature, vibration resistant, safe and reliable shielding pump.

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Electric Locomotive Converter Cooling Canned Pump

  Due to the unique technical advantages of the canned pump, the canned pump has met the application requirements of the fields of petrochemical, defense, aerospace, air-conditioning, refrigeration, medicine, food, and atomic energy since its inception, making up for the shortage of ordinary centrifugal pumps in some occasions.

  However, the traditional canned pump has the following problems: 

 1. The outer casing of the traditional canned pump is cast and formed. Because the casting process is uncontrollable, the smoothness of the inner cavity of the casing often fails to meet the requirements, and the porosity, blisters, etc. sometimes occur. Product quality; 

2, the traditional winding pump stator windings are usually round cake type, due to the impact of the train's three-dimensional vibration, loose friction will occur, so that the stator windings have a short circuit; 

3, the bearings at both ends of the motor are steel bearings, Due to the influence of the three-dimensional vibration of the train, it will be subjected to multiple directions, which will easily cause wear and fatigue to the steel material, which will affect the service life. 

4. The canned sleeve is welded by stainless steel, and the forming process will produce gravity, affecting the concentricity, and there is leakage. Hidden dangers.

   Our company provides a canned pump, which solves the problems of poor stability, short service life and potential leakage of existing shielding pumps. The impeller of the shield pump is located in the pump body, the pump body is fixed to the front end of the casing through the front end cover, the rear end cover seals the rear end of the casing, the stator and the rotor are located in the casing, and the stator shielding sleeve is arranged on the inner side wall of the stator And the two ends of the stator shielding sleeve are respectively in contact with the front end cover and the rear end cover to form a seal. The outer side wall of the rotor is provided with a rotor canned sleeve, and the stator comprises a stator winding which is double-wound cross-wound, and the rotor includes a rotating shaft and a rotating shaft. The front end is connected to the impeller through the front end cover, the front end of the rotating shaft is sleeved with a front graphite bearing, and the front graphite bearing is located in the front bearing seat, the rear end portion of the rotating shaft is sleeved with a rear graphite bearing, and the rear graphite bearing is located in the rear bearing seat. The shielding pump has the advantages of high temperature resistance, vibration resistance, safety and reliability.

c pump 1     

Figure 1

c pump 2


                      Figure 1                                                                        Figure 2

Figure 1 is a cross-sectional view showing the overall structure of the shield pump.

Figure 2 is an enlarged view of the area of Figure 1A of the present shield pump.

In the figure, 1, pump body; 2, housing; 3, impeller; 4, stator; 4a, stator winding; 5, rotor; 5a, shaft; 6, front end cover; 7, rear cover; 8, front bearing 9, rear bearing housing; 10, stator shielding sleeve; 11, rotor shielding sleeve; 12, front graphite bearing; 13, rear graphite bearing; 14, front sealing ring; 15, rear sleeve; 16, rear sealing ring; Front bearing sleeve; 18, rear bearing sleeve; 19, junction box body; 20, mounting foot.

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