Electric Locomotive Transformer Oil Pump

Electric Locomotive Transformer Oil Pump

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Electric Locomotive Transformer Oil Pump

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 The special oil pump in the forced circulation cooling system of the electric locomotive transformer is mainly used for cooling the electric locomotive transformer. It is composed of an oil pump and a motor. The oil pump mainly includes a pump body, an impeller and a front bearing seat. The motor adopts a four-pole submersible oil structure, which mainly includes a motor casing, a stator, a rotor and a motor shaft, and the oil pump impeller is directly mounted on the motor shaft. The oil inlet hole of the oil pump has an oil inlet hole communicating with the motor casing, and the oil return hole of the motor shaft is connected with the front bearing. The negative pressure of the impeller is used between the oil pump and the motor to circulate and cool the oil. Due to the similar design of the hydraulic model, the oil flow is stable and uniform, and the motor of the submersible structure can transfer some heat of the motor to the casing through the oil, and can be circulated and cooled. It has the advantages of simple structure, small noise, stable operation and good heat dissipation effect.

Product Structure

locomotive oil pump

Figure 1

 In the figure, 1  pump body of the oil pump, 2  impeller, 3  front bearing seat, 4  front bearing, 5  oil inlet hole, 6  motor housing, 7  motor stator, 8  outlet box, 9  motor rotor 10  motor shaft, 11  observation window, 12  shaft oil return hole, A  high pressure zone,  B  low pressure zone.

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