Electronic Quick-action Hydraulic Relay Device

Electronic quick-action hydraulic relay device

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Electronic quick-action hydraulic relay device

  Existing high-pressure large-capacity power transformers, capacitors, reactors and other oil-filled power equipment are equipped with fuel tanks. The insulating oil in the fuel tank will generate some low-molecular hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and other gases under the action of heat and electricity. These gases can be dissolved in the oil, but in abnormal conditions such as overheating and discharging, the gas generation speed will increase rapidly. If these gases are not discharged in time or the transformer is stopped, the fuel tank will explode, so the existing fuel tank All have quick-action hydraulic relays. Traditional mechanical quick-acting hydraulic relay consists of test hole cover, auxiliary spring, insulation plate, expansion bellows, micro switch, outer casing, lead outlet, horizontal support frame, corrugated box push rod, operating bellows, balancer, control mechanism , air chamber, oil room and other components. The quick-action hydraulic relay is installed at a position lower than the transformer oil line, and the relay oil chamber is connected to the transformer tank. It operates according to the oil pressure in the fuel tank and the dynamic pressure increase caused by the earthquake or the internal fault of the transformer. When the internal fault occurs in the transformer, the pressure in the fuel tank rises rapidly. When the pressure exceeds a certain value, the expansion bellows is compressed. The generated pressure deforms the operating bellows, pushes the micro switch, sends a signal and cuts off the transformer power supply, and the transformer is taken out of operation. The mechanical quick-acting hydraulic relay has a complicated structure, large volume, and inconvenient installation. The action can only be adjusted according to the stroke of the micro-switch. The setting of the action is difficult, and the real-time pressure in the transformer tank cannot be displayed, and only the switch quantity can be output. The signal and the micro switch will fail due to moisture, etc. The biggest problem is the large dispersion of the micro switch action. According to relevant information, the mechanical structure of the quick-acting hydraulic relay has many false alarm events caused by non-transformer faults during the use. The cause of the induction is mainly caused by strong magnetic field interference around the transformer or the micro switch being vibrated and causing malfunction.

  The electronic quick-action hydraulic relay device used in oil-filled power equipment can store and display the pressure condition in the fuel tank in real time, can output the protection signal in time, is simple and convenient to install, and has accurate and reliable action.

  The electronic quick-action hydraulic relay device for use in an oil-filled power device, the relay device consisting of a first extension and a second extension, and the first extension including the pressure sensor is installed at the oil-filled power device, and has an independent The second extension is a back-end processor installed at a distance from the oil-filled power device and has an independent power source; the electrical signal output by the pressure sensor of the first extension is converted into an optical signal through the first optical communication interface, and then passed through the optical fiber and the second The second optical fiber communication interface of the extension is connected, and the second optical fiber communication interface converts the optical signal into an electrical signal and then inputs the signal to the CPU of the second extension, wherein the oil-filled power device is a power transformer, wherein the pressure sensor is The frequency output type pressure sensor is connected with the tank pipeline, and the CPU MCU stores the collected real-time tank pressure data in the large-capacity memory, and the CPU MCU calculates and analyzes the real-time tank pressure data, and according to the calculation result, the pressure rise rate Determine whether to send a pressure alarm signal or a trip signal of the power transformer.

The memory is a flash memory.

The CPU MCU communicates with the touch screen and a computer equipped with special supporting software through the third communication interface.

The basic software structure of the computer with the special communication software connected to the CPU by the third communication interface is based on the database. The main functional modules are: interface processing module, relay management module, pressure data return module, tuning parameter module, relay debugging and The test module, the pressure data analysis module, the data induction and organization module, the task scheduling module and the log file processing module; the third communication interface adopts an RS-232 communication interface.

Since the first extension and the second extension communicate via remote optical fiber, there is no electrical connection between the two, and the safety protection level of the system is further ensured, so that the operation error of the electronic quick-acting hydraulic relay is less than one thousandth; The CPU is used as the main loop control, the programming is convenient and flexible, the reliability is obviously improved, the system protection is complete, intelligent control, non-contact work, no noise operation, no mechanical faults such as contact oxidation, and the relay protection is sensitive. Fast, safe, reliable and stable long-term work; through communication interface with computer equipped with special supporting software, realize remote status display, remote monitoring and operation, human-machine interface touch screen display function, and ensure oil-filled power to a greater extent The service life of the equipment.

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