Flue Gas Heater

Flue Gas Heater

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Flue Gas Heater

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  After the flue gas passes through the wet process deacidification system,the temperature drops to about 72℃ which is saturated.If direct discharge,it will bring two adverse consequences:firstly,the flue gas rising and diffusing ability is reduced,water mist may be formed near the chimney,the visibility of the misty rain is increased,the flue gas is lower than the dew point ,acidic droplets will condense out of the flue gas, contaminating the environment and causing low temperature corrosion of the equipment.Therefore,usually,a flue gas heater is arranged after the wet process deacidification system,and the flue gas must be heated above 130 to disacharge into the atmosphere which will increase the diffusion capacity of the flue gas and avoid low temperature corrosion.

Working Principle

The raw flue gas in the GGH heat exchange tube is used to heat the desulfurized net flue gas,to make the exhaust gas temperature exceed the dew point ,which will reduce the corrosion of the flue and the chimney,increase the diffusion degree of the pollutant,meanwhile decrease the temperature of flue gas absorbed into the absorption tower,and lower the process requirements for anti-corrosion in the tower.


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