Fully Sealed Transformer Oil Pump

A transformer oil pump used in a medium and large transformer, a rectifier transformer, a reactor, an electric locomotive transformer forced oil circulation cooling power device.

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Fully Sealed Transformer Oil Pump

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  Figure1 is a partial cross-sectional structural view of a fully sealed transformer oil pump of the present invention.

  As shown in the figure, the transformer oil pump mainly includes a pump body 1, an impeller 2, a plug cover 3, a motor 5, a base 7, a junction box and a sealing connector, etc. The motor 5 is an eight-pole disc motor and is provided with a centripetal center. The paired bearing 4 of the thrust is sealed by electric welding between the oil pump casing 1 and the plug cover 3, between the base 7 and the pump body 1, and the joints are fixed by screws 6 at the bottom of the pump body, and are welded after installation and Smoothing, so that the entire pump body is fully sealed.

Product Overview

  This product improves the service life of the oil pump by increasing the number of motor poles and reducing the motor speed, and improves the sealing degree of the entire pump body to solve the oil pump oil leakage problem.

  This product mainly includes the pump body, impeller, motor, base, plug cover, junction box and sealing connector. The motor used is an eight-pole disc motor with matched bearings with centripetal thrust in the oil pump housing. The electric welding is sealed between the plug and the cover and the plug, so that the entire pump body is completely sealed.

  Due to the above configuration and sealing method, the synchronous oil speed of the transformer oil pump is reduced by 250 r/min compared with the original oil pump, the noise is reduced by 5 to 10 dB, and the service life is improved for ten years. Since the base and the pump body are welded once, The hidden danger of the oil pump leakage is completely eliminated, which provides a reliable guarantee for the smooth operation of the transformer.

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