Horizontal Installation Sprial Motor Oil Pump

Transformer oil pump is mainly used in forced oil circulation cooling system of large transformers,electric furnace transformer,electric locomotive transformer and other special transformer.

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 Horizontal Installation With Foot Sprial Motor Oil Pump For Power Transformer-ERG

1.Sprial Motor Oil Pump General


2.Sprial Motor Oil Pump Ues Condition

Ambient temperature:-25℃~+40℃

Transmission fluid:transformer oil

The highest oil temperature of transformer oil inlet is 95℃;
the lowest is higher than transformer oil freezing point of 5℃
It works by S1 duty continuous operation.
The direction of rotation of the pump is clockwise.

3.Sprial Motor Oil Pump Model Direction


4.Sprial Motor Oil Pump Main Specification and Technical Parameters



5.Horizontal Installation With Foot Sprial Motor Oil Pump Shape and Installation Dimension

With foot_副本

6.ERG Oil pump display

Oil pump Series

 ERG Technology professionally manufactures and design oil pump .

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