Locomotive Canned Motor Pump

Locomotive Canned Motor Pump

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 Locomotive Canned Motor Pump

Canned Motor Pump

Product Overview

  The Canned Motor Pump is composed of a traditional centrifugal hydraulic, connected to a special motor through a one piece assembly.
 The stator is canned in the air gap, confining the liquid in the rotor chamber. The pump liquid circulates through the rotor chamber, cooling the motor, and lubricating the slide bearings that support the rotor. The casing of the chamber forms a sealless enclosure that confines the liquid without any dynamic sealing.

  Moreover, in case of stator liner rupture, the liquid remains confined in the motor’s shielded shell (able to resist to explosions), and thus cannot leak externally. It is what we call the double security or double confinement. This gives the sealless canned motor pumps a decisive advantage against the magnetic drive technology which, in case of air gap hood, presents an immediate external leak.

Main Structure

   A canned motor pump is composed of : a traditional centrifugal hydraulic & a special squirrel cage motor connected in a one piece assembly.

  However, since the main body of the pump and the driving machine are enclosed in a pressure vessel filled with the pumping medium, the pressure vessel has a static seal. However, there is no conventional rotary pumping seal. The static seal is easier to complete than the dynamic seal. So the canned motor pump can achieve complete leak-free.

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