OFAF Oil Cooling Axial Pump For Transformer

OFAF oil cooling axial Pump for transformer connect with the radiator fin and the oil air cooler ,to make the oil circulation to cooling down the oil.

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OFAF oil cooling axial Pump

At present, the scale and capacity of the transformers for the chip radiator cooling system are getting bigger and bigger. Since the "surface volume ratio" of the chip heat sink is large, and the "area ratio" between the self-cooling and the air cooling in the effective heat dissipation area is small, the self-cooling capacity of the transformer with the supporting chip can be designed to be large. Some transformers with capacities below 40 MVA can even cancel air-cooled (ONAF) and self-cooling (ONAN) operation. Large transformers can also be switched between ONAN (self-cooling) ONAF (air-cooled) or OFAF (strong oil air-cooled) depending on the load conditions. When the chip radiator is ONAF (air-cooled) Or when OFAF (strong oil air-cooled) operation, the cooling efficiency will be greatly improved, and the temperature rise coefficient C value will decrease. The chip radiator has obvious advantages over traditional strong oil air coolers and strong oil water coolers due to its advantages of maintenance-free, low auxiliary machine loss, low noise and low cost. The transformer oil pump with the supporting piece must first meet the operating characteristics of low oil resistance, low lift and large flow.

OFAF oil cooling axial Pump for transformer

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