Transformer Axial Flow Oil Pump IP65

Transformers with a forced oil cooling system require a reliable, uncapped transformer oil pump. We select the type that meets your needs and offer a wide range of pumps to guarantee optimal operating conditions.

Product Details

Transformer Axial Flow Oil Pump 

Our oil circulation pumps are designed to be simple, intuitive and robust. Thanks to its compact size, the pump can be easily integrated into the oil circuit.

Four pump designs are available for different applications:

Power transformer application

In-line and angle pumps with radial impellers and in-line pumps with propeller impellers.

Traction transformer application

Pump with radial impeller for traction transformers in rail vehicles.

Transformer axial flow oil pump

Axial Pump2_副本1

Shape and Installation Dimension

Axial Pump2_副本2

Axial Pump2_副本3