Axial Flow Oil Pump For Power Transformer

Axial Flow oil pump is used for Heavy Power Transformer and Forced Oil Circulating Cooling System of Other Dedicated Transformer

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Axial Flow Oil Pump For Power Transformer

Axial flow oil pump for power transformer

   Axial flow oil pump for power transformer adopts internationally advanced axial flow design, so that the circulating cooling mineral oil will only be slightly impeded when passing through different parts. When the pump stops, it is used as a pipeline to guarantee that the free convection of the transformer load is not impacted. As indispensable conveying equipment in a power transformer and other dedicated transformer oil circulating cooling system,  axial flow oil pump adopts antifriction bearings with longer service life, and stator cores impregnated directly in medium oil, so as to cool down motors efficiently. Casing motor shells adopt sheet metal assembly welding structure to meet the requirements of shock resistance, impact resistance, light weight, and lower power consumption, which highlight the charm of high-end products researched and developed by ERG.

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