Transformer Oil Pumping Systems

The oil pump has compact structure, small volume, light weight, flexible and convenient use, low power consumption, safe and reliable operation, simple maintenance and long service life. It is an ideal new generation transformer cooling oil pump.

Product Details

transformer oil pumping systems

  ERG transformer axial flow pump is widely used in transformer radiators. According to the change of the transformer load, the radiator can be in the form of forced oil circulation air cooling, natural circulation air cooling and the like. 


compact structure

☆ low power consumption

safe and reliable operation

ideal new generation transformer cooling oil pump


ERG oil pump is designed and manufactured according to the "JB/T 10112-2013 Transformer Oil Pump" industry standard, and the enclosure protection grade IP67.


Order description

1 ,Please specify the model, technical parameters, installation structure, paint color and spraying requirements when ordering.

2 ,DN250 and DN300 diameter oil pump inlet and outlet are not allowed to install butterfly valve. If butterfly valve is required, the length of oil pump should be lengthened and negotiated separately.

3 ,This manual is a specification for conventional products (voltage 400±20V, frequency 50Hz). If there are special voltage, frequency, performance and size requirements, after the agreement, it can be customized as needed.

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