Ultra-High Voltage Transformer Disc Oil Pump

Ultra-High Voltage Transformer Disc Oil Pump

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Ultra-High Voltage Transformer Disc Oil Pump

ultra high voltage disc pump

 The disc motor transformer oil pump comprises a pump body, a main shaft disposed in the pump body, a motor stator, a motor rotor and an impeller, and the impeller is coupled with the rotor of the motor, and the inner wall of the bearing cavity at the lower part of the impeller is sleeved on the outer ring of the rolling bearing at the upper end of the main shaft The upper part of the pump body is provided with an oil inlet directly above the impeller and an oil outlet located on a radial side of the impeller, and is characterized in that: between the outer edge body of the oil inlet end of the impeller and the inner end body of the oil inlet of the pump body With rolling bearings. The oil pump adopts a double fulcrum structure for the impeller and the motor rotor integrated with the same, so the operation is stable, the work efficiency is high, and the service life is long.

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