Vacuum Pump Oil Pump Transformer Cooling System

Transformer oil pump is mainly used in forced oil circulation cooling system of large transformers, electric furnace transformer, electric locomotive transformer and other special transformer

Product Details

3 Phase 380V High Speed Disc Type Motor Oil Circulation Transformer Oil Pump


Transformers with forced oil cooling systems require reliable, glandless transformer oil pumps. We offer a large range of such pumps, from which customers can choose a type that suits their specific requirements and ensures optimum operating conditions


 Flow:10M3/hMedia:transformer Oil
Efficiency:>50%Materail:Aluminium Alloy
R.P.M:1380IP :IP55
Power(Kw):0.55Materail:Cast Iron

3.Packing and Delivery

Packaging Details:Standard Packing Or Seaworthy Packing

Delivery Detail:10days after receiving advance payment

4.Detail Basic Parameters




5.Installation and operation

The products are carefully designed by experienced senior technical personnel, to use the most advanced hydraulic model and adopt a similar design. Therefore, the pump has high efficiency and good performance. The motor selects the axial magnetic induction motor, stator and rotor are formed by two round-plate-shaped iron core. Pump and motor are combined together, with the new and compact structure, good rigidity, little vibration, low noise, no seal and no leakage. It operates smoothly and reliable, which is the ideal oil transport equipment for transformer oil cooling.

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