01 Terminal Cabinet-ERG

1.Automatic control with temperature and humidity
2.Protection class reached IP55
3.Cold-rolled steel or stainless steel

Product Details

01 Terminal Cabinet-ERG

Model Directions

Control Cabinet Introduction0---ERG.bmp

Product Overview

1. JXJ Terminal Cabinet is the new latest design product of our company. Our JX terminal Cabinet has the function of automatic control with temperature and humidity (Customer could choose whether to install power and temperature-humidity control or not). We take the advantages of the product design and manufacture essence both from domestic and abroad. JX terminal box has nice appearance, durability and reliable performance.

2. The terminal cabinet structure, for outdoor cabinet, waterproof design with protection class reached IP55, can be applied to a variety of different operating environments in different areas, which can meet users’ operational requirements of the control cabinet.

3. The terminal body materials are high-quality cold-rolled steel or stainless steel. The user can select material alternatively according to their actual needs, climate condition of installation site, operation environment and so on. If no special requirements, we generally use cold rolled steel plate as the materials.

Structure Diagram and Installment Dimension

Control Cabinet Introduction0.2---ERG.bmpControl Cabinet Introduction0.3---ERG.bmp

Company Profile

Zhejiang ERG Technology Joint Stock Co., Ltd., founded in 1994. There are much competitive products in ERG, such as power transformer cooler, oil pump, butterfly valve, oil flow relay, control cabinet, terminal box, and other insulated terminals; oil water cooler for transformer and spiral-plate type cooler for transformer; large motor cooler, petrochemical cooler, tube bundle type cooler and evaporative cooler; motor cooler for marine and cabin-plate type cooler; locomotive traction transformer cooling devices,including oil pumps, nuclear power oil pumps, diesel locomotive gear pumps and so on. Products are sold nationwide to power plants,substations, wind power plants and oil field which involve in the industry of power transmission, locomotive, wind power,petrochemical, environmental protection, marine and military. Our company aim to be the leading enterprise of large and medium cooler industry in domestic.

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