02 Control Cabinet-ERG

1. Single power supply or dual power supply;
2. Contactor or non-contact solid-state relay;
3. Rich signals of operation, fault and alarm etc.
4. Temperature and humidity controller.

Product Details

02 Control Cabinet-ERG

Model Directions


Product Overview

Control cabinet is the new latest design product of our company. Our control cabinet has the function of automatic control with temperature and humidity. We take the advantages of the product design and manufacture essence both from domestic and abroad. Control cabinet has nice appearance, durability and reliable performance, which is the best choice for cooling device system control of large and medium-sized power transformer.

Product Characteristics

The main function of the control cabinet is to carry out power distribution and automation control for the power transformer cooling system. Internally it could concentrate all measurements and signal terminals of power transformers (including temperature controllers, oil flow relay, pressure relief valves, gas relay, bushing current transformer, oil level indication, whether all concentrated in the control cabinet is determined by the user, also could make another terminal box). According to on-site installation of the transformer, control cabinet can be divided into floor standing type and wall-mounted type, wherein the cabinet housing is made of high quality steel (surface spray treatment) or high grade stainless steel plate by bending and welding configuration. Users are free to choose the type of control cabinet material according to their actual needs, installation site climatic conditions, operating environment, etc. The cabinet door use professional sealing strip to seal, cabinet inside is connected the outside atmosphere through the vent window. Its protection class is IP54, dust-proof and water-proof. Cabinet components are selected from Schneider, Siemens, ABB and other imported or joint venture products, affordable and reliable operation.


Structure Diagram Installment Dimension

Technology Characteristics

1. The control cabinet could use either single power supply or dual power supply. When use the dual power supply, one power supply work and the other for spare, they could automatically convert;

2. The main circuit could adopt contactor or non-contact solid-state relay;

3. To provide rich signals of operation, fault and alarm etc. for remote monitoring;

4. Temperature and humidity controller is used to prevent the condensed water and the preset temperature;

5. Temperature or load capacity of transformer cooler automatically start and stop.


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